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Kade Bunker - Step up front flip by Summit42 on Flickr.
John - Superman Seat Grab by Summit42 on Flickr.
untitled by Johnny Lucus on Flickr.
The Grab by shatch on Flickr.
Geoffrey Browne, Blunt fakie by Splieslife on Flickr.

on the rocks by SARAΗ LEE 
Surfer’s up by jnhPhoto on Flickr.

Pulpit rock by Richard Larssen

Beach camp by alexbowler
Banyans Backlight by konaboy
behold I fly by JKG II 

Playin’. by BeboFlickr 
Banyans Air by konaboy 
reaching by JKG II 

Spin Cycle by *Steph Hall*

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Work Sucks

From an early age we all start to learn the fundamental principle of work. Whether it’s a paper round that pays for your first bicycle or in my case working on the family farm, the concept of effort and reward is formulated.

Work should not define us, more so we should define the work we do. However with it taking up one third of the day and the earned revenue providing for the other two thirds, how can work not form who we are? Simple dont work!


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